Simplified ways to build your online income stream

Dear friends,

These are few words I would like to share about building your online income stream (read Business).

There are many articles and examples describing the ways the online businesses work (as you've probably read in this blog). And there are two things in common - they are built on similar set of core rules though they are more or less sophisticated in their forms, and... They work!

What I can say is that the best way, always, is to observe the rule of simplicity from the start so,

1. Find a hungry crowd - it may be in one of most trendy or popular areas, or a narrow niche, hobby,
"mania" that maybe is not highly popular but can be of much higher conversion rate.

2. Create a blog around the chosen area which mainly means gathering the information on it like articles,
posts, movies, your own posts based on your knowledge, and doing editorial work so, that people having
problem, issue, being in need will find help, suggestion, and even solution to their problems. Running a blog is easier than running a website: no cost of hosting, no site building issues because you don't need to 
be html savvy. And don't forget to put an opt-in box in your blog.

3. Use social media: create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. but one at a time. Then watch what is going on around your area - what people are looking for. I recommend to watch pages (in social media) of big ones especially the posts and comments of other people to an article on your subject and join
(socialise with) them then give them your suggestions on possible help and solution. And don't forget to add
a link to your blog in your post so, that they may opt in and you will build a subscriber list to offer them advice and products.

4. And, of course, the affiliate programs widely spoken in my previous posts. You may use Google Adsense
or Amazon Affiliate but my suggestion for the start is to use or possibly to place ads of products related straight to your area/subject.

And let's call it a day for now.

See you with my next posts!