The Number One Mistake Made By Internet Marketing Newbies (Shiny Object Syndrome)

The number one mistake made by new internet marketers is called the shiny object syndrome.

SOS is the habit of moving from one money-making product or method to another in search of those elusive push button riches. A new marketer will implement their plan. Work it briefly, not see any measurable results and move on to the next shiny object without giving the former enough time to produce any measurable results.

It is the tendency for someone to get distracted by new thoughts and ideas, their own and others, and never focus or complete anything. You're in a state of constant distraction continually losing yourself in imagination and dreaming, instead of seeing the bigger picture and getting things done.

The entire Internet Marketing system is designed to keep you buying product after product. The deck is stacked against you. This is how the gurus make their money. They need you to keep buying their products. It's how they make their living.

Do you have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of all the products you've purchased? Which one of those was going to be the last one? Look in a mirror friend. You have shiny object syndrome and if you don't eliminate it you won't reach the level of online success you want.

3 ways to eliminate it.


Get rid of the clutter. What counts is your plan of action. Unsubscribe from every email list you are on. Do not go on the social media sites unless it is to market your business. Stop sitting in your Lazy Boy watching webinars and Google hangouts. These people are marketing shiny objects and they are a distraction from your real goals.


Education is a good thing but sooner or later you have to take what you know and take action. You don't need anymore courses that show you have to make money. You need to implement your plan now. Create your blog or kick off that Facebook ad campaign. Start building your email list by taking out a solo ad. Learn as you go.

Give it time. You need to produce results that you can measure. They may be good results and they may be poor. You won't know unless you give yourself enough time.


Who is holding you accountable? You're not. Find the list of goals you wrote down a year ago. Why haven't you achieved any of them? Quit reading self-help books and listening to motivational cds. Have they helped yet? What you need is hands on guidance from someone already successful in this business. Get an accountability coach.
There are lots of people out there that offer this service. Most offer their coaching for free. They know that helping you become successful online will be profitable for them later. Networking is the key to this business.

By Derek Fountaine

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