7 Niche Blogging Ideas to Consider

‘Blogging’ as a niche is redundant. If you’re thinking of starting another blog on ‘blogging’, I strongly recommend rethinking it and read Should You Start a Blog in 2015?
Rather than wasting time and resources on another ‘blogging’ blog, you should opt for niche blogging instead.

7 Niche Blogging Ideas to Consider

In this article, I give you 7 niche blogging ideas to consider.

1) Green / Clean Technology

Environmental concerns like the harmful effects of pollution on the human race and survival issues are rising high. It is good time to start blogs on green and clean technology, talking about how clean technology methods like windmills and solar power can positively impact our Earth.

2) Wearable Gadgets

After Smartphones and tablets, wearable gadgets are getting quite popular with the masses. People are adopting technology like there is no tomorrow. A blog on wearable gadgets will have high ROI.

3) Cryptocurrencies

In the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies have become quote popular in the online markets. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are used by gamers and internet marketers to buy and sell goods and services. A news blog on cryptocurrency will be a good blogging niche.

4) ‘Stories that Matter’

There is no definite term to identify this apart from the fact that they appeal to people’s emotion. Blogs like ViralNova.com have millions of visitors and followers. They write stories that touch people’s emotion. Often, these are multi-category blogs featuring stories on science, technology, people, history, anomalies and more.

5) ‘How to’ Education

People are mad about ‘how to’ guides. Well, extend the ‘guide’ notion a bit and start a fully functional education site. You can feature in-depth guides on doing certain things or taking actions. For instance, subjects like ‘how to learn Chinese’ or ‘how to create software’ works well.

6) Lifehacks

A blog on lifehacks like Lifehacker.com and 
ProductivityLiving.com is a good way to build a wide audience base. Everywhere, people are interested to learn about productivity tools and hacks which improve their lifestyle. A blog on lifehacks is certainly recommended.

7) EMD Blogging

Exact Match Domains were brow beaten by Google in 2012 but they are slowly rising once again. Search Google about any past or upcoming events, you’ll already see a lot of EMD blogs ranking on top of search engines. If you have products with market demand, try out EMD blogging.


Don’t limit yourself to these ideas only. Niche blogging is a huge field. Explore your interests, learn the current market about those interests and choose your niche. Niche blogging also has huge money earning potential so if money is your mojo, do niche blogging.

by Chitraparna Sinha