Engaging Social Media to Increase Your Blog/Website traffic.

For me it became more and more clear during the last 3 months that if you want to increase traffic to your blog or website, you will use social media, and it will become more efficient. And it may outperform the ways we've been commonly using by now like SEO, Social Bookmarking, for example.
I've discovered it by accident on my Google+ account that is linked to this blog. I found out that the flashes of my posts appear in my Google+ and then the links to them in Google search engine driving visitors to my blog. I also found out it became modus operandi for some internet marketers as far as 4 years ago.

As you may have seen my blog talks about online business but especially about starting it from scratch. I am beginner myself and yet I am not good at writing (English is not my mother tongue) but it's rather about starting and making progress. 

And above all it's about giving information, advice, help and educating.

That's why I'm using other peoples' articles and videos on the subject that really matters to me and by doing so I perform a publishing work to gather the information on the subject in one place and publish it.

I started Facebook about a year ago and Twitter just now so, many o you are much more advanced than I am.

Nevertheless, I decided to put some insights on using Twitter in business (and not only there) presenter earlier by Marya Jan on getresponse blog.

Here they are:

Do you use Twitter for business? Or, do you feel totally intimidated by it? For some people discovering Twitter is like finding a new candy store. There is an endless supply of people to follow, to read their updates and discover what is happening in their lives. To make a connection and remain in touch – it’s all very exciting and frankly you don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of it. I will help you take the mystery and the overwhelm out of Twitter so that you can have an effective, highly profitable Twitter strategy in 2015. And you don’t have to spend big bucks to outsource this.
But remember, for others Twitter is like a noisy party where people are constantly talking at each other and not necessarily connecting on a deeper level. You just jump in a conversation when you can, then move on and find someone else to talk to. It all seems very chaotic and haphazard. You tried it but it isn’t your cup of tea. So which camp do you belong to?
If you haven’t yet given Twitter a fair go because it all seems too daunting. If you wonder how to find people to connect with, how to keep up with the endless updates and most importantly how do you use it as a legitimate marketing channel for your business without having to stay chained to your virtual desk, I have the answer for you.

Begin with these three questions

If you are still confused about what you need to be doing on Twitter, I recommend you start off by answering these three questions:

#1 Is my ideal client or customer on Twitter?

Are you questioning should you be on Twitter in the first place? Then first find out where your target audience hangs out and decide accordingly.
You can do some research to find the answer for this one. Not everyone is on Twitter, people aged 65 and over for example, and if you are selling insurance you might be better off spending your time somewhere else. If your brand is more of visual nature, it might be worth your while to spend time on Facebook or Pinterest instead.

#2 Do I have time for Twitter?

You cannot get on Twitter and then go away, Twitter demands constant attention but it doesn’t have to be for very long stretches of time. You can start with as little as 5 minutes per day but you must make time to do it consistently.

#3 Do I have any goals for Twitter?

Before you use Twitter for a week and then throw in the towel, set some realistic goals. In the beginning your goals might look like getting 50 new subscribers every week or getting 5 new email subscribers from Twitter. You can also have goals like interacting with customers and influencers for 5 minutes every day.

Make a killer first impression

#4 Create a strong bio.

Remember, you only have 140 characters to create a great first impression on a potential customer, use it well. This is the first thing people see even if they don’t follow you yet. Describe what you do clearly and using fewest possible words. This is not the place to ramble on. Get to the point as quickly as you can.

#5 Link to your website.

You can add a link to your website and possibly to your opt-in offer if you are smart about your word count.

#6 Have an engaging cover photo and a professional Twitter photo.

Do not upload a cropped photo of you standing next to a friend of your spouse. Invest in professional photos.

#7 Know who you want to attract.

Be crystal clear on who you want to follow and attract on Twitter. This will include your customers, prospects, peers, and influencers. By doing this, you will create a bio that stays on brand, is targeted and strengthens your unique positioning.

To be continued next week...