How to Build an Email List Using a Free Gift

A free gift is one of the fastest ways to build your list. Everyone loves a gift and your potential subscribers are no exception. It is a good incentive to sign up and try your newsletter. It is most important that your free gift should have value. Always be aware of your market and their needs, so that you can make the right choice. A good quality free gift will help you to get more subscribers. If your free gift is an e-book or e-course written by you your subscribers will get a small taste of what they can expect and be more curious to read your newsletter.

Different gifts you can give:
* Free report: a free report on a hot topic is easy to put together. You can either write it yourself or hire a writer. Basically you can put together some articles that are all about this topic and make it into an informative report. You can then convert it to a PDF document.
* E-book: You can expand your report and make it into an e-book. Or write some articles on a different topic that will interest your subscribers.
* E-course: An e-course is always popular. Here you can split your articles into lessons and make 5 to 7 of them. At the bottom you can have a small ad for an in demand product. In this way you can make a sale as well as get a subscriber.
* Audio: you can make an MP3 audio for your subscribers. This needs to be information on a popular topic or even a recording of you giving tips and talking about useful products.
* Video: a video is even more fun for the subscriber as they can actually see how to do something.

Setting up your website to give your subscribers your gift: In order for your subscriber to receive their free gift they will need to access it. You can put the download on the thank you page or send it by email.
* Landing page: the subscriber will come to this page by means of your promotions. Your landing page will include; headlines, benefits, your call to action and of course your free gift offer.
* Thank you page: After the visitor subscribes they will be taken to the thank you page. Here you will have the link to the download for their free gift. You can also put a little note on your thank you page to "watch your email for the link." This will reduce theft of your free gift from spammers and hackers. A thank you page is easily accessed by these people, who will pick up your gift without subscribing.
As you can see a freebie or multiple freebies can go a long way in persuading your visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. It is really a little thank you gift and I know as a subscriber to newsletters myself I appreciate a nice little gift for signing up for someone's newsletter. Again it should be emphasized always give a quality gift even if it is free. Plus in order to attract the right crowd remember to choose your gift especially for your niche market.