Why It Is Very Important To Learn Lead Generation First, For Your Home Business!

You see, online is a big place, just like offline, the only difference between the two is that, offline people know the stores they like to go into and the stores really don't need your information because if you liked the shopping experience there, the prices and the customer service  you had, you will for sure come back over and over again. With online customers, clients or prospects, it works a little different you need to gain their trust first.  Why? Well because they don't know how valuable or trustworthy you will be for them, when it comes down to choosing you as their problem solver and trusting you with their money.  Remember, the main reason why they went into Google was to find the page, person, product or service that will give them the most value and the most trust in order to get their problem solved, which ever it may be, from buying a present, to marriage problems, financial problems, depression, losing weight, getting fit, I mean there are millions and millions of people around the world who are looking for what you have to offer. 
 Just that in order for them to choose you as the "Go To Person" you need to gain their trust, and the way you do that is by building a relationship with them and the first thing that you need to do, is get their trust and interest to leave you their e-mail address in order for you to keep on building a relationship with them.This is when you have to have a "Sales Funnel Created" that will help you gain the trust of those new prospects that are signing up to your capture page, website or newsletter. To make you better understand the importance of leads for your business, here is a little quick overview of the 3 Types of trust that you will be building and once you build how to maintain it.
  1. Leads
  2. Prospects
  3. Customers
  A Lead: is a potential sales contact, an individual or a business that becomes interested in the goods or services you have.  This Leads are typically obtained by a direct response advertisement online or by a referral by mouth or through a direct link from a third party website that has your link in their site somewhere.  This leads can be separated by niche and interest, so it can make it a lot easier for you to target specific groups based on their interest and you do not get seen as a spammer that just send emails for sending.

 A Prospect: is someone who has gain your trust, is interested in what you have to offer and is has opted-in based on the niche they were searching for.  This is where you will start sending them follow up e-mails, with well informed and valuable content – you can even include a free gift of some source (related to the niche) to get them even more excited and have no thoughts to want to stop following you.  This is key to turning them into a client, follower or team member.

 A Client/Customer/Team Member: are the ones that have already gained your trust and they have purchased and continue to purchase from you.  This are the ones that also give you direct referrals and are the ones that will maintain you as their GO TO PERSON for years to come, they can even turn into team members and leaders of yours one day!  The more you interact with your customers, prospects and team members the more interaction and trust you will have for years to come.

A Sales Funnel consists of a well established and high converting capture page, this is where you will offer them a free gift of value in exchange for their e-mail address, then comes the follow up series e-mails that you will be sending them at different days and finally you need valuable products that will give value and the solution to the client based on their needs.
by Katherinn Palacio.