Killer Email Marketing Tips... continued

Hello, My Dear Visitors!

This one is especially for getresponse users to demonstrate how to segment your email list using their platform.

Want way more sales, higher click-through rates, and fewer unsubscribes? Who doesn’t? Then it’s time to segment your list.

Segmenting refers to splitting up your list based on your subscriber’s preferences or behavior. You’ve seen segmenting preferences all over the web. Any opt-in form that asks people whether they prefer html or text emails is segmenting. Any form that asks people to check boxes indicating their interests is segmenting, too.

Segmenting according to sign up preferences is good. Segmenting according to behavior is better. GetResponse makes this easy. You can send people a specific, custom email if they click a particular link in your emails. For example, if this was the email you sent:


you could automatically send anyone who clicked on those links an email message designed just for them. Here’s how:

1) From the dashboard of your GetResponse account, go to Messages > Create Autoresponder


2) On the next page, choose “Clicked” from the types of autoresponders.


3) Choose the rules of your autoresponder. Select which campaign has the email message you want to trigger the autoresponder. For example, if you’re mailing to your house email list and that campaign is named “House Email List” you’d choose “if subscriber in House Email List clicks”. That’s where the left arrow points below.


4) Finally, choose which email message triggers the special message people get when they click. For example, if you were sending an email named “Affiliate Promotion Email” to subscribers in the campaign “House Email List”, you’d choose the message “Affiliate Promotion Email”. That’s where the right arrow above is pointing.

In the bottom section of this page, you’d specify when the triggered email will be sent, and which email message to send.

Let’s say your follow up message (the email that will be automatically sent after someone clicks the first email) is called “Follow up email”. You want to send it immediately after people click a link in the trigger email called “Affiliate Promotion Email”.

In the screenshot below you’d leave the default timing settings alone. Then you’d select your pre-made “Follow up email” next to the big grey “then” by clicking the “Choose message” link the right arrow points to.


To finish up, just name the autoresponder. Then click “Save and publish”. “Link Promotion follow up 12/4” would be a good name for this autoresponder. That way you’ll know what the autoresponder does and when you sent it up.

You can use the create autoresponder page to automate your email messages in all sorts of sophisticated ways. Just remember to label everything carefully, or things can get confusing.

That's it for now.

The next one will be about Killer Lead Magnets Again.