Content Is Not A King!!!

Content Is Not A King! And don't let it become a one.

Then what is it?!

You may be a journalist. Or not.

You may be a writer. Or not.

You may be a master of language. Or not.

But you've got something to share. Or have you?

OK. You're journalist, writer, and master of language - you're gifted in this way so, you don't need to read this post.

But if you are among the rest of the online world like I am, i.e. not one of the above, and it may happen that English is not your Mother Tongue but a second or even a third language, this post is just for you.

 Remember you're not preparing a dissertation or a major research study; just a simple, informative article.

Yes, an informative one.

And you really can do it.

First, know what you're writing about, i.e. topic, problem (and of course solution you offer).

Then search for the info - first in your head, if you know something about the subject or are an expert,

- second, search for it online - you may do it via our good ole Google and also you may find loads of it
  at,,,, etc.

Choose the subject and write what you know about it or copy and paste the interesting and, off course, relevant text, or do both.


To read the text you are using for your post as it is information, information, information... and it contains solutions.
And if not, bin it.

To honour the author of the text you are using by indicating their names and displaying link to their article/page/blog.

I'm sure you will find many texts telling you to become a master of literature, a new Da Vinci, and so, on - these are high claims but completely useless for you and me as we are both here to create a stream of income.

And people will read us because of information, advice, solutions and tips we provide and they will even like us.

So, Content is not a King in our case. For our readers it is a piece of meat, a treat, a food to go.
And for us it may be an ox, a workhorse, a tractor or an engine.

By the way there are some of them among the factors of yours and mine success and the content is just one of them.

I will talk about the other ones soon.

See you next time



  1. Hi Krystian,
    Have to say you are so right. I've been a slave to writing posts usually just for the sake of it and sometimes forgetting what these posts need to do. I keep telling people 'I want to come to you with answers, not problems', and forget to apply it to myself.

    Thank you for this timely reminder. I'll certainly be back for more.


    Steven Lucas


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