Common fears: Do any of these sound familiar?

“If I’m going to create a blog or product, why would anyone care, why would anyone read or buy it?”

“I don’t know what to say or how to come up with new content all the time! – I am not an expert!”

“There are too many people doing it already, there’s too much good competition!”

Do any of them sound familiar?

I know they do. But though they seem to be Goliath to you they can be overcome.

Even when you experience any or everything quoted below:

“I’ve worked myself ragged creating content, and nothing is happening. It’s like I’m
working for free.”

“I’ve tried posting to my blog multiple times per week, commenting on other blogs,
guest posting, and pretty much everything. None of it is working.”

“I’ve got no idea how to even get started with attracting subscribers. I write a lot of
blog posts, but the traffic is just trickling in.”

which sounds familiar to you when you're not a newbie, at all.

And the bad news is: they can all become reality, and they are for quite a number of people.


There is a GOOD NEWS, too:  You can overcome or even omit those whirlpooles!
And draw targeted audience. And build the list of high conversion rate.


Because the secret to building a blog with a raving fan base that’s ready to buy what you sell has nothing to do with how much content you create.

It, instead, has to do with how good you are getting your content into the hands of more people.

Notice that nowhere did I say “You need to be the next Hemingway or John Steinbeck.”

But I don't claim that content is not important

The content is a lot like food, whether it is meat, vegetables or treats/sweets. And it's important how you serve it, i.e. how much meat, how much vegetables, when to serve them and when to give treats/sweets. 
Rozgrzewający gulasz wołowy na kolorowo
As I said before (in my previous posts) the content must be informative, must raise interest and emotions, e.g. make people happy, angry, feel comforted or other way round. It must offer knowledge and solutions to peoples problems. 
But it is not King!!! Anyway

Apply the 20/80 rule when building an audience to your blog/website which means that you spend 20% of your time and effort on writing a post and 80% on promoting your content. 

And one more thing that is very useful when promoting. 
You need to SHAPE what people think about you.
And it must be very specific - exactly this one thing, and not any other.
You need to extract what exactly you want to be known/remembered for.
It needs to be memorable and unique to you.

Then feature it in social media, other blog, a guest post, comment to another post, podcast. Personally, I think twitter is the best one.

With this in mind it may be necessary to narrow down your niche and become more specific because
more narrow niches often produce more targeted traffic of much higher conversion rate!!!

And to sum up : don't give up. It's not that difficult. And although you need to present yourself ans an expert to your audience, don't feel like a fraud because of "telling more than you are" - you're in the process of learning, and by writing informative posts you're getting knowledge and experience yourself.

Dont' let the things you don't know to quash the things you do know.

Don't let the things you cannot do to stop you from doing the things you can.

By the way, did I say "Twitter"? Ah, yes. 
How did you find this post?
Maybe via search engine by my keywords.
But I would rather say because you've read my tweet and clicked the link.

That's NOT it!  See you later with a new information on this topic.