NEEDS TO GO VIRAL... but is not a king, anyway.

How a blog post needs to look like?

John Morrow says: "Spend at least five hours working on the headline." 
That's the first step. You really want to master headlines. Some of that comes from studying great headlines, but a lot of it comes from just writing a ton of headlines. When I worked at Copyblogger, I wrote 100 headlines a day for practice.
The way that I tested headlines was to go down to the bar where I lived and read my list of headlines out loud. And the good ones without fail, all the ones that went viral, people turned around, said something and had a response."

That's about the headline.

And now his aim of a blog post: "A lot of times what we aim to do is make the person happier after it's done, but your goal with a particular piece of content may be to make them angry at their situation. It may be to make them angry at whoever the enemy is for that space. Or to make them cry, to inspire them, to make them go hug somebody.
When I was writing regularly, over 50% of my articles went viral online. 
The reason why was that when I sat down to write, I first decided what emotion I wanted to provoke. And then I focused on making that emotion so strong that the person had a physical reaction. 
In fact, I had one person that actually got so angry, they told me that they threw their television out the window.
That's what I mean by emotion. It may be anger. They may be laughing. But that's what you want to shoot for, and if you do that, you'll be successful."

You are writer. Writing is your passion. You're focused on your blog and making money just from it.
This piece of advice is just for YOU!

But what's in it for us who are not writers, English is not our first language so, we use it as out contemporary "koine" (common language) like Greek and Latin used to be for ancient and medieval people? Who work according to the scheme below?

There's good news for us!!!

As I said 3 posts before content is meat or treat and it's enough for it to contain information, how-tos, advice or seeing thing from different angle. Your content may be in your blog, website or opt-in page. When you set up relationship of it with SM and provoke people, make them happy, courious, angry but by your tweet or comment to someone else's post, article or comment - this is our way to do the things. And don't forget to link them to your blog/opt-in page/website.