When you've got products. Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch

At one time I used to think about building my own website - but after some pondering I dismissed the idea! Why? I'd fallen into the trap of thinking that building your own website was somewhat of a mammoth task or the domain of technically advanced nerds from the planet geek.

Building A Website Is As Easy As 1 2 3!
In the past building your own website meant that you needed to be familiar with HTML code and other things like knowing how to upload using ftp servers etc. However, creating your own website now requires very little programming knowledge at all! Sure if you want you can do it the old fashioned way and create your own site using HTML and code if you want - but why bother?

Steps To Building Your First Website
Firstly you will need to get yourself some hosting. This means that you need to rent space on someone's server in order to host your site. These days hosting is pretty cheap so don't worry about the costs. In fact most hosting companies offer good discounts if you pay yearly rather than on a monthly basis.
Next you'll need a domain name. Simply said a domain name is the name that your website is going to be. An example of this would be my www dot mydomain dot com. In order to register a domain name for your site you need to look up various domain companies on the net. However, when you buy your first hosting most companies will allow you to register a domain name from them. So this just makes things a lot easier instead of you having to go out and register your domain with a separate company.

Now once you've picked a suitable domain name for your website and have signed up for your hosting you are going to have to install a content management system in order to publish your web pages. When you sign up for your hosting you will log into that account and come to a C panel. In this C panel if you hunt around you will find a section that will allow you to install your content management system. It's really easy - all you have to do is follow a few basic instructions and click install. The best and most popular content management program that you should install is WordPress. It's great and has tonnes of free plugins and web templates.

Lastly you will need to create your own content and then publish it. Working with the WordPress content management system makes this a snap. It's really easy to use, user friendly, and intuitive! So here is a quick summary of what you will be needing.

1) Hosting account.
2) Domain name.
3) Install a content management system(WordPress.
4) Content for your site.
5) A little time and patience to get to grips with WordPress.
And that's all there is to building your own website from scratch no experience or programming knowledge required!

By Johny Wadd