8 Steps to Increase Your Blog Comments Over Night

1) Improve your design

Let’s face it, if your blog design sucks, nobody will leave a comment.
By no means I’m saying you need a fancy website, but there are some things you need to pay attention to. For example, I’ve seen many websites that ask for a lot of information before you can publish a comment. That’s really annoying.
If people are finding hard to comment, they’ll simply don’t do it.
On the other hand, some websites aren’t designed to support interaction you can’t see how many people have commented on a specific post, which will decrease social proof.
Try to keep your design clean and simple. This way, you’ll see that more people start to join the conversation.



2) Publish content on weekends

Dan Zarella found that on average, content published on workdays usually gets more traffic, but content published during the weekend tends to get more comments.
It makes sense:
During the week, people are really busy, they’re working, managing their businesses, and taking care of their homes. On the other hand, people have more spare time during the weekend, so they’re able to leave a comment.

3) Publish content in the morning

According to Copyblogger, the best time to publish content if you want to get more blog comments is between eight and nine AM.
If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense:
Most people tend to check out their inbox during the morning, so if you promote your blog posts with your email list between eight and nine AM, you’ll get more reach. That’s why step six is so important.

4) Use the word “giveaway”

People love giveaways, but it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to use the word “giveaway” within your content. You can push people to comment by launching a “mini-contest” where commenters can win great prizes.
For example, Jon Morrow launched a giveaway post a few years ago where he offered consulting services. He attracted a lot of attention and basically build a business through it.

5) Avoid legal, technical and financial words

The more “digestible” you make your content, the more people will understand what you’re trying to explain. Therefore, more people will leave a comment.
Of course, this is not applicable for every niche. If your main audience mainly consists of lawyers, developers or people involved in technical environments, obviously you’ll need to use legal, technical and/or financial words.

6) Focus on building an email list

Neil Patel, founder of Quicksprout, found that his email list drives 41% of total blog comments.
That’s awesome!
It means that the more blog subscribers you get, the more comments you’ll receive. Fortunately, there’s a lot of information online you can read to learn how to build your email list fast.
You can start by reading this guide from HubSpot.

7) Respond to every comment

Nobody likes to be ignored.
Let me repeat: NOBODY likes to be ignored.
Don’t matter how busy you’re, respond to every person who comments on your blog. They’re spending valuable time, and you should respect that. This will encourage more people to join the conversation.
Most importantly, your audience will feel appreciated which ultimately will help you build a stronger brand.
Let’s take Neil Patel as an example. He responds to every single comment and you need to take into account that his average post receives over a hundred comments.
That’s what I call true commitment.

8) Test the number of posts you publish each week

Most people think that if they publish content more often, they’ll start getting more comments. However, that’s not always the case.
Some bloggers have found the most success by publishing from two to three articles a week, while others have seen the most success by publishing one piece of content a month.
Every audience is different, so you need to find the number that works best for you.

By Josue Valles



  1. I knew that it's recommended to post on weekends but the tip to post in the morning is quite surprising(!)


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