Get more email subscribers now!

Growing the size of your mailing list and keeping your audience for the longterm is the most important factor when creating a successful blog or business online.
The sad truth is that 70% of the people that come to your site for the first time will never come back. The best way to keep them coming back for more is by getting them onto your newsletter, mailing list and/or autoresponder series.
Traditional methods like adding a boring subscribe form to your site simply don’t work.
The best way to increase signups to your mailing list immediately is through the use of a lightbox popup window (OptinMonster is my recommended solution), which I’m sure you’ve come across on many of your favorite sites.
The concept is simple… when someone comes to your site and starts to browse through your content, after a few second a mailing list subscribe form will appear. The user will need to enter their information and subscribe, or simply click the X to close out the window. This method works extremely well for any site in any niche.
There are many benefits to using these popup methods, such as incentivizing users to join your mailing list in exchange for a free gift (usually an ebook or report), the ability to split test your ad copy and also syncing up your popup form to integrate directly with your preferred mailing list, like Aweber.

The Secret to Increasing Your Mailing List Over Night

While adding a popup plugin like OptinMonster will instantly increase signups to your mailing list overnight, there are still a few things you can do to improve your results as well.
  • Create a free ebook or report to incentivize signups
  • Setup split testing to see what ad copy works best
  • Play around with different colors, texts or giveaways 
  • Try “exit intent” technology to show the popup when trying to leave your site
You can also setup how often you want these types of mailing list popups to appear to your audience (once every 30 days is the average). Be sure to setup multiple split testing so your audience doesn’t always see the same popup if you decide to set the popup exposure at a lower rate.

Blogger PopUp Window Secrets Exposed!

Below you will find an a couple of my favorite and top blog sites on the internet — each with their own popup window and how they are incentiving the signup process. The key here isn’t to try and copy what’s out there, but instead to get inspired by others and learn how they are catering value to their audience and growing their mailing lists at the same time.
The list below is in alphabetical order and there is a good chance that if you visit any of these sites, you will actually see a different popup, as many of them update often or split test their results.


Every day thousands of people visit to check out the latest affiliate marketing news and blog posts in the industry. With so many people accessing the site on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense for Affposts to build out their own list and send daily morning updates to each of their subscribers — a perfect example of how to build a loyal subscriber base by giving users exactly what they want.

AffPosts Popup


Aweber is the leading list hosting company in the world and trusted by many of the sites mentioned in this list. Aweber uses their own mailing list popup form to give profitable email tips to new subscribers. If you would like to setup a similar popup to the one shown below, simply login to your Aweber account and click on your list form settings.

Aweber Popup 


Brian Dean is a master at creating amazing content, guides and case studies on his site, so it’s no wonder he would have a great looking newsletter popup as well. Throughout Brian’s site you will also notice customized lead generation and forms based on the content you are currently reading.

Backlinko Popup

What’s Your Mailing List Popup Look Like?

We hope you enjoyed the few examples of top bloggers and authorities that we’ve featured in this post. If you haven’t setup a popup lightbox mailing list form on your site yet, I highly recommend you try OptinMonster. It even comes with a 14 day 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee for all the skeptics out there… but mark my words, you won’t need it!

By Zac Johnson