The Most Profitable Website Niche

By Lisa Irby

I get a lot of questions about website topics and what’s the most profitable niche. First of all, what’s profitable for someone else may not be profitable for you and vice versa.

For example, a lot of people make money online because they choose topics they love to write about, then affiliate themselves with companies that sell products and/or services that relate to their subject of interest.

Having an interest in their topic is what motivates them to build the best site possible, and they enjoy spending time promoting it.

Two people can choose the exact same topic, but one could be tremendously successful while the other one fails miserably. It happens all the time online, and the big difference is often passion and interest.
For example, I make a lot of money reselling domain names, but that’s because my site is about teaching people how to build websites.

If your site is about car repairs then obviously this program is not going to pay as well for you because your audience is not interested in buying domain names. They want car info.

And I’m sure there are many profitable car-related affiliate programs that can earn money from your site if you provide useful information and build up enough traffic.

Find Your Passion, Not Someone Else’s

So before you choose your topic on the basis of what’s the most profitable, dig deep and think about a topic you would love to write about. What interests you? Do you have information on a topic that can help others?

Unless your topic is totally obscure, you can make money from virtually anything thanks to Google AdSense and other affiliate programs. So there’s enough money out here for everyone.

But if maintaining your site becomes a chore then you’ll never see the money because you won’t be motivated to stick with it long enough to make it succeed.

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t topics out there that are more profitable than others. Nor am I saying you can’t choose a topic you know very little about and make money.

Some people are clever at pay per click marketing so they choose hot, competitive topics, bid on keywords for search engine placement and make money by placing ads. If you’ve got the budget, then this method could be for you.

Others choose topics they know very little about, but take the time to research it until they are knowledgeable enough to build a useful site that becomes successful.

However, for most people it’s easier to create a successful site if you write about topics that interest you. This allows you to come across as the “expert” in your niche, build credibility with your audience, and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

By Lisa Irby