Here’s The Most Critical Element You Need To Achieve Balance With Your Career and Relationships

Here’s The Most Critical Element You Need To Achieve Balance With Your Career and Relationships 

  My family is the most important thing to me in this world. Nothing comes above them.

And an important question I get asked all the time relating to this is: how do you balance your family and loved ones with career success?
Is it even possible to reach the highest levels of success while maintaining happy personal relationships?
I’m here to tell you that yes, it’s possible — but it requires a heck of a lot of balance.
Let’s start at the root of why people work: most people are on the treadmill of work for money. They get on that treadmill, and it just keeps on going faster and faster.

And if they keep going this way, at some point they will end up broke and broken… with nothing to show for all their hard work and time.
Why does this happen to so many people? Simple. Because most people don’t realize that they are responsible for every part of their lives.
The truth is, you create your life not just every day, not just every hour, but every single second.
So if you’re struggling to find balance in your career and relationships, well… that’s on you.
Everything in our lives, within reason, is a choice, and you need to understand that anything you don’t have right now is your choice.
In particular, if you find yourself constantly putting work ahead of your relationships, and you wonder why you’re alone on Saturday night every week or your spouse is constantly upset with you because they feel neglected… well, it’s pretty obvious.
It’s your choice.
One of the most important lessons in life that you can learn is that life doesn’t happen to you; you happen to life.
Now, I’m not blaming you for how your life has panned out. But it’s your creation. That job is your creation. That income is your creation. That relationship, or lack thereof, is your creation.
The great news is that you’ve got control of the steering wheel of your life. That means you can turn a little to the left, or a little to the right, or make a complete u-turn.
So if you feel like you don’t have space for a relationship, but you’re also worried about how you’d pay the bills if you cut down on work… you need to reevaluate here.
Doubt will always start creeping in – but you need to doubt the doubt.
It’s normal for you to have doubts when your higher conscious speaks, until you’re practiced at trusting your higher self. Most people are not practiced at it, so it’s uncomfortable at first.
But when you decide to do it differently, you can still be very successful. You can be even more successful. You can be balanced. You can be happy. You can have it all.
You just need to set your intention, and then design your life around it.
If you believe you have to work, work, work, what do you think you’re going to do? It’s pretty obvious: your life will revolve solely around your work.
If you want to achieve true balance in your life, what do you need to do? You need to hold yourself accountable and create balance in your life.
For example, you may decide with your partner that Wednesday nights each week starting at 6pm are dedicated solely to ‘date night’… and you commit to and stick to that every week.
Or maybe it’s dedicating each Sunday during the day to family outings doing something fun and adventurous with your kids or significant other… no cell phones allowed!
You get the point.
So, if you were starting from scratch and creating a masterpiece of your life, a drawing of what your life looks like and feels like, what would it look like?
Now, what are the first 3 actions you can take THIS week to move you towards that vision? I challenge you to commit to those actions and complete them before the end of this week! Then, leave me a comment below and let me know your 3 actions you’ll complete this week.
Enjoy and good luck!
For Your Freedom,

By T.Harv Eker